Price: $300

Seller: Tammy
State: California
City: Bloomington
Zip code: 47408
Type: Animals

I have 9 Rag Doll Kittens that were from 3 litters all born within 2 weeks of each other.The first 3 will be ready to get new homes on or around April 14th.After that the next 4 will be ready near the end of April if not within the first week of May.And so on.They have to be able to eat the Purina Kitten Chow on their own and be using the litter pan 100% of the time before I will let them go.I only have pictures of the first 3. Some people have called me and I will be returning their calls in order received to let them pick the kittens as they wean out.I will sell them for $300.00 each,not registered and they will each need to go to the vet and get shots etc.Rag Dolls tend to be very loving fun balls of fluff. Rather than guard your family from the feline you got to really guard the kitten from everything else.If you got a dog or 2 for instance they may decide to rough up the kitten and play sad to say the kitten won't fight back it will submit to it's own demise.I'm warning you.These babys go out of their way not to scratch you or whoever is holding him or her. I can't say the female is more friendly or that the male is,it's more based upon individual personality.See pictures, if interested please call me Tammy on my cell 812-391-.As of 3-23 15 people called for the 11 kittens.But the list began 3 years ago,so some of these folks probaly already got a kitten or even changed their minds about it.So if you really want one call me.Please don't email me.